An online, self-paced cross-training program for dancers.

BRIDGE [brij] : Noun
 A time, place, or means of connection, transition.


✔️...finally get over that bum injury that has been plaguing you, that you have been ignoring for the longest time?
✔️ ...get your leg higher than where it's been for the past 3 years?
✔️ ...earn the attention of your choreographer and teacher
✔️ ...Conquer that one skill you've struggled with
✔️ ....Get back to pre-COVID fitness and BEYOND 

Turn heads in class

Want to level up your performance and be a better, stronger and more efficient dancer?

 Individual Assessment 

🔸Identify your Goals
🔸Establish your baseline
🔸Get recommendations on where to focus your time


6 weeks of training 

Specially designed progressive program  to prime the things dancers are missing!  

🔸30 minute workout
🔸5 days a week    
🔸6 weeks  

 Check in Calls  

This isn't a mindless exercise program where you're left all on your own! I make sure to supervise your progress and keep you on track!

Check in with me during your program to troubleshoot isuses and ask questions as you work and get stronger!

 Dansebridge online Community 

It's proven that staying with an encouraging community helps to keep you to stick to your goals and stay accountable !
Want to continue and stay connected after we're done?

Join our community.

 Hear what other Dancers are saying about Dansebridge ONline!! 

I love Danelle's Class! in 30 minutes, I get my heart rate up ,and work muscles 
I didn't know I had! This class has become part of my routine!

Katrina M

“Lifting my legs are easier, moving through my rond de jambe was difficult - I would get stuck in the middle. 
My jumps have also gotten better!!"

Valentina B.

 "My attitudes and arabesques have gotten a lot better, especially my attitudes, they were always on the not so good side!”

 Naima A.

"I’m really happy to take part in this program cause I really feel my body working and changing. And I think I should keep going with this kind of work!"

Giorgia P.

Are you ready to work smarter?